Article: 1462
by Bob Yanecek & Marty Weiser, November 2009

Rocket Presentations for Schools

Bob Yanecek developed the following series of presentations over the past few years as part of a very successful rocketry program at Midway Elementary in Mead, WA. The presentations are numbered in a suggested order, but can be given in just about any order. In particular, sections 3 and 4 can be used at the beginning so to allow construction to start sooner. The files are in pdf format so they can easily be read by everyone. Displaying the slides in full screen mode gives a good format for a presentation using a projector or similar equipment.

1 Basic Forces Plane & Rocket [slides] [notes]
2 Rocket History [slides] [notes]
3 Rocket Parts [slides] [notes]
4 Alpha Construction [slides] [notes]
5 Rocket Motors [slides] [notes]
6 Rocket Safety [slides] [notes]